10th Jan 2021 Migration Updates of eu.protondns.net

As per our previous communication dated 06/Jan/21, we will be going ahead with the migration of the following server: Server Name: eu.protondns.netServer IP: If you have missed the previous communication, you may read it here. Here are the updates: - Our new server is set up & ready. We plan to begin the migration tomorrow on ...

10th Jan 2021 Migration of eu.protondns.net

We are pleased to announce that we are planning to upgrade the server on which one or more of your accounts are hosted. This server is operational for more than 3 years and we wish to keep up with the latest technology. This upgrade has been pending for a long time and we plan to schedule it in the coming few days. The new server will have much ...

21st Aug 2020 Added Magicspam

Dear Customers,

We have added Magicspam filtering on premium hosting servers. This will stop inbound and outbound spam.

Thank you

11th Jul 2019 Reseller Pricing Changes

 As many of you are aware, cPanel has recently changed from “A fixed price license for unlimited users” to a “Charge per user on the server, as a whole” structure.   If you wish to see cPanel’s announcement and justification for their pricing changes, we recommend you ...